January 09, 2013

Book Review: Wacky Wednesday

"It all began with a shoe on the wall. A shoe on the wall? Shouldn't be there at all!"

A good friend of mine shared this book with me - and I'm so glad she did because it's a hit with my four year old son!  If your little one likes books such as Where's Waldo or I Spy, they will definitely enjoy Wacky Wednesday, by Dr. Seuss (writing as Theo LeSieg).  Not as well-known as other popular Seuss books, but just as fun to read. 

A little girl wakes up one morning to find everything in disarray!  Nothing is where it belongs, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone around her.  Shoes on the ceiling, houses without doors, airplanes on the road, and a policeman with three legs...SO wacky! 

Not as much of a tongue twister as some of the other Suess books, Wacky Wednesday is an easy read with a good rhythm and rhyme.  The illustrations by George Booth really make the book, and your child will love searching on each page to find every wacky image.  I really enjoy my son's observations and talking and laughing together about all that is wacky.  I'm always surprised with how quickly he can find everything!  As a parent you think you should be able to spot everything before they do...maybe I am just getting old...


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